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About Brandon Poole Sr.

Brandon Poole Sr also known as ‘TaNK’ is a full stack application developer with over 20 years experience as a professional application developer. He was born and raised in Atlanta Ga and graduated with a Computer Information Systems degree from Fort Valley State University (FVSU). While attending FVSU Mr. Poole created a social network titled CrunkFriends.com. It accumulated over 50k registered members and was the first of its kind back in 2005. In the summer of 2006 immediately after graduating from college his social networking site was acquired by Origin Data Inc. Read the  press release here.                                

Mr. Poole went on to have a career as a Senior Application Developer for many premium Technology companies in the South East. The names of those tech companies are Colonial Pipeline, Nascar, Home Depot, the Center for Disease Control, and the United Parcel Service. While working in corporate Mr. Poole's goal was to gain knowledge about the business side of technology and to learn how big scale companies work.                                    

 Since 2016, Mr. Poole has been working full time at his own software company titled, 9_OPZ Certified CoderZ. Certified CoderZ provides premium mobile and website applications for business and training on application development. Mr Poole’s life goal is to continue to spread the knowledge of application development in his community and provide affordable applications to businesses.                                    

Mr. Poole's nickname is Tank. He got the name from his mother due to his ‘big head’. He is sometimes referred to as “the real Tank” from the movie The Matrix. The character named Tank in the movie is responsible for bringing people from the Matrix (spiritual world) to the real world. Mr. Poole is here today doing the same, making people's application ideas a reality.                                    

Brandon Poole Sr.
- BoSS AppZ Creator
- 9_OPZ #Certified CoderZ Founder
- Creator, Chief Software Architect @ BoSS AppZ
- The Real Tank from the #Matrix movie!
- Expert in Open Source Software.
- BiZ9 Framework
- #Certified CoderZ



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