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The BiZ9 Framework

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The BiZ9 Framework is a user-friendly platform for building fast and scalable network applications. The framework consists of libraries and software tools like: NodeJS, ExpressJS, JQuery, MongoDB and Redis Frameworks. The BIZ9 Framework is designed to build, maintain, and deploy rich, robust, and data driven real-time applications for data driven web, Android and Apple systems.


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The BiZ9-Core library is the heart of the BiZ9 Framework. This application framework is responsible for facilitating data access, caching, file utilities, Amazon Web Services SDKs, and key popular business functions for processing business data driven applications.



- CRUD Data Access

- Data Caching

- Data Business Logic

- Data Utilities

- Email Sending

- Photo Processing

- Amazon Web Services SDK



The BiZ9-CMS library is  responsible for the content management access and organization for the applications. It allows you to create and deliver rich digital content. This system lets you easily edit your digital experiences and then publish that experience out to the business application in an organized manner.



- Product, Service, Order, Event, Gallery, Customer, Blog Post, and Team processing.

- Admin and user rights

- Application content parent and child nesting.



The BiZ9-Service library is responsible for providing data to other remote client applications. This application component is the main method of communication between the BiZ9-Mobile applications and the server  data. The service is the framework for which other remote data driven applications can  utilize.


- Application data processing.

- BiZ9-Mobile primary service.

- AWS photo and data handling.



The BiZ9-Website framework component is the skeleton framework for website based applications that utilize the BiZ9 Framework. Using the framework you can call popular business functions such as blog posts, products, services, and gallery business logic items. Once the website application is ready to be published, the website biz9-framework has deployable scripts to push the application to the server ( remote ) environments.


- Skeleton project for new website applications.

- Pre packaged with standard business logic to facilitate and handle business requests.

- Deployable to  remote server.

- GIT Repository.



The BiZ9-Mobile is responsible for providing the primary business data and logic for mobile applications. The framework contains Android and Apple SDKs. The Hybrid development platform Cordova is used for mobile device deployment.  Icon image scripting can be applied to facilitate required Apple and Google Play store data listing requirements.


- Products

- Services

- Comments

- Music

- Events

- Blog Posts

- Galleries



The BiZ9-Test component is responsible Application testing refers to testing the BiZ9 Framework application using scripts, tools, and test automation to identify errors. It helps to release bug-free and robust software applications into the real world.


- Amazon Web Services S3 Photo Backup

- Server Database Restart

- Database business logic testing

- Database server connectivity testing

- Server health checks.

- AWS S3 Bucket Create

- Parse Themeforest.net website



The BiZ9-ScriptZ framework component handles all scripting for the BiZ9-Framework.

- Amazon Web Service ScriptZ
- Database backup ScriptZ
- GIT Repository ScriptZ
- Cordova Mobile ScriptZ



The BiZ9-DocZ framework contains documentation on how to setup, administer, and customize your application development environment ( DOQ Box ) and the BiZ9 Framework. This framework also contains testing features for testing the health of remote servers, Amazon Web Service product testing, and photo and file processing testing methods.


Signed Brandon Poole Sr

BoSS AppZ Creator

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