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BoSS Sneaker App version 2.0

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We playing basketball, we playing basketball!

The NBA is one of the world's favorite sports leagues. The sport has millions of fans who like to stay up to date with the latest and greatest from the league. Observers became even more intrigued recently with NBA star player Jah Morrant’s recent incidents. For those of you who don’t know what happened Jah Morrant was seen flashing guns on camera not once, but twice on an Instagram live video. In many states guns are legal but his contract with the NBA prohibits him from doing such things in public. Was this a good thing or bad thing for him and his brand? Let's discuss it now in this App Money NoteZ!

One thing for certain is that his signature Nike Shoe is sold out! The Ja 1 ‘Hunger’ sneaker was made available on May 25, 2023. The shoe was sold out in about 20 mins. Results speak for themselves so Nike nor the NBA plans to part ways with the star guard from South Carolina. Did I mention that he can also, ‘jump through the roof’. His jumping abilities are impressive.

What are the best ways to resell, and or distribute shoes? 

We all know the traditional models such as Ebay. The retail giant is one of the top online sellers on the planet. Did you know they charge an extra fee? eBay will make sneaker resellers pay more fees starting next year The platform announced that beginning January 22, all sneakers sold over the $100 mark will now be subject to an 8-percent “final value” fee. This fee will be reduced to 7 percent for any Store subscribers on eBay. Membership starts at $22 per month. Fees for sneakers sold for less than $100 will remain unchanged, with a 12.55 percent rate for non-Store sellers and 11.7 percent for subscribers. 

Wowzers!, 8% of the final sale of any sneakers sold over $100! That is a lot! Cutting the middleman out by selling your products directly to your customer is always best in regards to efficiency and maximizing profit. By selling sneakers directly to your audience you will be able to keep that 8% in your pocket!

What are some other features of having your own Sneaker App?

Mobile app transactions are the fastest

There is no faster way of ordering a product than through a mobile device. Eighty percent of adults in the World have a mobile device. Get your app to stay connected to your customers.


Alert customers of new products

When you load a new product you can send notifications informing your audience about your latest and greatest products.

Offer multiple form of payment options

Give your customers a variety of payment options. Not everyone's options will be good. Using popular platforms like Amazon and Ebay you are stuck with their payment options. Customizing your own mobile app will give you more payment options. Such as CashApp.


What is The BoSS Sneaker App?

The BoSS Sneaker App can be used by sneaker enthusiasts to trade, sell, and advertise sneakers in his or her shoe inventory. Sneaker ‘heads’, can also use the app to write blog posts about the popular sneaker world. Merchandise can be showcased and ordered using the mobile application. The app can be used by customers to send the business owner messages and follow the sneaker enthusiast business social media sites.  If you are interested in having your very own sneaker mobile application developed please contact your BoSS AppZ Specialist to get started. 


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BoSS AppZ 💰
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BoSS AppZ are web and mobile applications built for
the BoSS on the go. The primary features of the BoSS AppZ are
ThemeForest.net, The BiZ9 Framework, and Amazon Web Services. BoSS ApZZ powers many applications in the healthcare, retail and manufacturing industries.
( https://bossappz.medium.com )

App Money NoteZ 💯
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NoteZ That Make $ense! Cuts out all the blah, blah, blah and gets right to the resultZ!

The BiZ9 Framework 🦾
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The BiZ9 Framework is a user-friendly platform for building fast and scalable network applications. The framework consists of libraries and software tools like: NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB, Nginx, Redis, GIT, and Bash. The BIZ9 Framework is designed to build, maintain, and deploy rich, robust, and data driven real-time applications for data driven web, Android and Apple applications. Other 3rd party Application Programming Interfaces that are pre included are Amazon Web Service, Stripe, Send In Blue, know known as Bravely.
Go here for additional information:
( https://bossappz.medium.com/what-is-the-biz9-framework-29731c49ad79 )
BoSS AppZ Developer ClaZZ
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The BoSS AppZ Application Development Class is custom designed for each individual that desires to learn the art of application development for career or self-use purposes. We will teach you and train you on how to become a full stack application developer. Mobile applications are the future. Stay informed with the best and greatest tools for application development.

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